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Personalized guided visualization meditation and mindfulness sessions to facilitate increased wellbeing in body, mind and soul.
 Personalized Yoga Sessions and Private Lessons​​

Yin Healing or Thai Massage

We have two private rooms that can
be set up just for you
The Vault
 The Quiet Room

Thai Massage with Lance

​​Call Lance direct at: 602-741-4973

Thai massage is a form of vigorous massage that dates back thousands of years. The ancient healing system aims to rejuvenate and energize you. A therapist stimulates energy flow and clears “blockages” that are responsible for stress and tension. This is done through the use of gentle yoga poses and stretches that the therapist does by manipulating your limbs for you. For instance, stretches that lengthen your spine also help ensure smooth energy flow in the area, easing lower back pain. The massage of your face and head targets acupressure points that can help with specific problems in other parts of your body. Unlike other massages that need you to disrobe, with Thai massage you are fully clothed.​​

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