Saturday, November 9th at 2pm - 4pm

Energy Workshop with Chery, Linda & Diana

  Live it Well - is excited to announce the first workshop of the season. The cost is $15.00

Energy - such a common word, with many applications.   Everything and everyone is made up of a vibrational frequency referred to as energy.  Live it Will Instructors: Chery Kitchens, Meditation and Qigong; Linda Worlton, Tai Chi Chih; Diana Vanderpool, Therapeutic Touch and Yoga are offering this workshop that will include information and demonstration of how this energy can be used for prevention of illness, relief of physical and emotional pain, as an alternative to western medicine. There will be live demonstrations with the opportunity to participate. 

​Workshops - Coming Soon
Energy Movement - Nov. 9th
Fundementals of Yoga
​Naam Therapy Tracks
Chakra - Beading, Oils & Yoga
and many more options....

Check with our instructors - Email  or call us at:  480-388-9808