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Lance Lorenzo
After a tour of service in the US Army as a cavalry scout, I obtained a B.S. in sociology from ASU with a minor in world religion. I worked as a behavioral health technician and corrections officer for the early part of my career. In 1994 I earned my certification in massage therapy. While practicing as a full time massage therapist I discovered the importance of yoga and found it to be an amazing culmination of bodywork while extracting the pure truth of spiritual philosophy. The fire being lit, my yoga practice, research, and training began in 2001 and continued ever since. It has bled through every aspect of my life enhancing it in multiple ways. It is my pleasure to share it with you.
Deb McClarnon
Deb discovered yoga in 2009 while seeking a natural remedy to chronic back pain. In addition to pain relief, Deb quickly found strength, flexibility and peace of mind she did not have before. While attending a yoga retreat, Deb was further inspired to incorporate the yogic lifestyle into her daily routine. Healing Emphasis Yoga has enabled Deb to help others with chronic pain, arthritis, and low back pain, to name a few. Deb has taught heated vinyasa, chair yoga, gentle yoga as well as various workshops. Deb credits yoga for changing her life in countless ways and believes there is something in yoga for everyone; the most important thing being that yoga is not about perfect postures, it is about discovering what’s already inside you.  
Dr. Nicole Coyle
Dr. Nicole is a Native New Yorker making her home in Arizona. She first stepped onto a mat in college in 1991 and has never left. Humbled by the great gift of awareness that reveals itself through the practice of yoga and Bhakti, Nicole set out on a new path of light and attained her PhD in Philosophy of Religious Studies & Theology. Currently, Dr. Nicole is the only certified NAAM Yoga Therapist and Universal Kabbalah Consultant in Arizona and is owner/director of Naam Yoga Arizona. She is a Naam Yoga Therapist, Harmoyum Level I, II, III Practitioner and teacher of Universal Kabbalah. She believes that through the vibration of NAAM, one learns how to live from the heart and not the head. 
Leann Ross

Information coming soon
Diana Vanderpool
Having been diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis in 2008 and being unable to walk, and another diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in 2010, I found my health rapidly declining with yet another diagnosis of thyroid nodules in 2012, and by 2013 I had a failing liver and became very anemic, along with failing adrenals and kidneys. I began my healing journey seeking out homeopathic and herbal medicines, organic whole food nutrition, becoming certified in Usui Reiki, and Shamballa Reiki, practicing and becoming a Yoga instructor My passion is to bring hope and help others on their healing journey to become independent and pain free. 
Chery Kitchens
Chery Kitchens, MAPC, LAC is a behavioral therapist, expressive arts specialist who has trained in, and practiced mindfulness and meditation for 16 years +. Healing and wholeness flow through soul expression is her mantra. 
Chery will be offering guided group visualization meditation and mindfulness sessions to facilitate increased wellbeing in body, mind and soul.  She is also available for private sessions through appointment.
Chery is passionate about the value of this practice, which has been widely researched to effectively treat depression, anxiety, ruminating thoughts, PTSD and many emotional imbalances.  Mindfulness and meditation practice has been used to decrease physical pain, irritable bowel, and other digestive disorders.
And STAY TUNED: Coming to the schedule soon: Chery will also offer introductory classes in qigong, which is a complimentary adjunct to mindfulness and meditation.

Linda Worlton
 Linda Worlton is an accredited Tai Chi Chih teacher with 40 years experience in the health care field.  She is a retired Nurse Practitioner, who has worked throughout her adult life for the prevention of illness and “dis-ease”.  Yoga became part of her arsenal of prevention in the 1960’s, opening the door to her of Eastern thought on preventive health. She taught and practiced Hatha Yoga through the 1980’s. In recent years, another form of healing energy became available to her:  Tai Chi Chih.  She practiced this form for over a year, and then began the two year process to  become an accredited teacher.  She loves teaching this mindfulness meditation form of Tai Chi, and is happy to share her present evolution into further mind/body wellness with her students.